Meet Jen

Due to Covid-19 many of you have not had the pleasure of meeting one our new support workers, Jen. Unfortunately, Jen started right before the March 23rd Lockdown and didn’t get the chance to spend much time in Bank House before we had to close.

Here are a few words from Jen:

“On entering Bank House, I instantly knew it was a place I wanted to work. The building holds a warm and caring atmosphere that can only be created by the care of the staff and love of the service users. I was delighted to get the call offering me the position of support worker and I started my role in March 2020. After meeting the other members of staff and beginning to get to know the service users, it was confirmed to me that Bank House was a place I felt I belonged and I was excited to be a part of the great work that is done there. 

Sadly, I was only able to work for 2 weeks before we had to lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I stayed connected by being involved in Bank House’s social media and through this I continued to form connections with the service users. I was humbled by the continued efforts of the team to keep the vulnerable fed during this difficult time. 

When the restrictions lifted, and we were able to host a small number of service users, I formed a Covid support group of 6 individuals. Focusing on how they coped during lockdown, offering support and ideas for others and sharing both positive and negative effects of the pandemic. The group proved to be very popular and a second group was set up to expand the support. Sadly, we had to go back in to lockdown again and we had to stop meeting as a group. Over the following months I became involved in the promotion of Bank House through social media and connecting to individuals and companies that may be able to support Bank House in the future. 

I’m keen to get back to work in 2021, be reunited with my colleagues, restart my groups and hopefully see the doors opened and welcome back the people who rely so much on the support provided by Bank House. Bank House is a truly special and much needed resource and it is an honour to be part of the team.”