Bank House offers many different services including but definitely not limited to:

  • One-to-one guidance and help – sometimes just providing a listening ear, at other times with more practical tasks such as helping with letters and other correspondence, making appointments, form filling, applying for benefits, liaising with other agencies, job searches  
  • Advocacy
  • Supported meetings with other professionals (probation, housing social workers, GP’s etc) 
  • Facilitating a wide range of peer supported groups based around a shared interest such as crafts, sport, arts, and writing 
  • Supported small groups to improve physical health. This includes a weekly walking group, swimming groups, a weekly dance class
  • Supported groups to reduce isolation 
  • Social activities in-house: a safe environment with a wide range of equipment and materials available at all times. E.g PCs, pool table, DVDs, books, craft and art materials
  • Supported external activities such as small group visits within the local area 
  • Bereavement therapy  
  • Literacy and numeracy education  
  • Life skills, education, cooking, shopping, budgeting, healthy eating groups 
  • Access to shower and wash facilities and access to a washing machine/tumble dryer
  • Access to food (we always have food available if someone is hungry and there is breakfast available 6 days a week – we are also able to provide referrals to the local food bank)

If you would like help or support with anything that is not mentioned here please still free to contact us and explain what you need or how we can help. We will always do our absolute best to help with any issue and if we are not able to do so ourselves we will do our best to refer you on to someone who can help.