Business as Usual

Bank House will no longer be receiving funding from Derbyshire County Council or Hardwick Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS) from the end of this month (March 2017).
Rethink in partnership with Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health and P3 have won the contract to provide services in Derbyshire. They and the commissioners believe that services should not be ‘buildings based’.
While we have respect for these other organisations we believe there is room in South Derbyshire for both services. We know that we provide a wider range of services for more people than will be available in the new service.
For that reason we would like to see Bank House survive and continue to provide this very valuable community service for many more years.
We have a great deal of good will and community support and are confident that we will find a way to survive.  In the meantime its ‘business as usual at Bank House’. Stay posted – there will be more news next week.