The Team

Denise – Service Manager
Denise has been at Bank House for 16 years and will ensure that you get the best possible service while you are here.
Jon – Deputy Manager/Support Worker
As well as assisting in all aspects of service management, Jon runs and coaches many of the sports based activities, particularly football, walking and swimming.
Anne – Support Worker
Anne runs an ever evolving range of physical health related activities such as archery, cycling, swimming, walking etc.
Nik – Caretaker
Nik works tirelessly to ensure that our building is safe, clean, warm and ready for us each morning.
Tim – Admin worker/ clerk to the board
Tim assures us that he loves paperwork; he dedicates his time to keeping the rest of us organised.
Bank House Volunteers
A lovely bunch of dedicated people who give their time freely and with good humour to run groups, teach, counsel, prepare food, drive, clean, and any other task that is asked of them!