Thanks to the gardeners!


The hard work that has been put in by the gardening group is really starting to pay off. We have already picked strawberries, radishes and lettuce. The flowers that have been tended so carefully really brighten up our way into the building. Well done everyone and thanks for all the hard work!

A chocolate pudding in a mug!

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An impromptu activity this morning led to Bank House being filled with the tempting aroma of warm chocolate! Sceptical at first, we all soon learned that it is possible to make a delicious ‘melting middle’ chocolate pudding in a mug. The measuring and mixing took no more than 5 minutes and the pudding cooked in the mirowave in 80 seconds. Yummy! We were all soon tucking into our own individual chocolate puddings. Definitely an activity that we will try again soon!

60s night at Bank House


We extended our usual Thursday opening by one hour to relive the 60s last night. We sang and danced, ate 60s themed party food and went to town on our outfits. Special mention to Pat who won a prize for putting the most effort into her outfit as well as her dance moves!

Singing For Fun

The garden groups fantastic results

Bank House is becoming more and more lively day by day. It’s a treat to see that people who come to us at some of the most difficult times of their lives manage to join in with such a wide variety of activities as well as attend their individual support sessions.