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Our aim is to provide a caring, safe, supportive, friendly and non-judgemental environment for those who are referred and those with a self-perceived need of support around their mental health issues. We work to enable people to regain their health, improve their well-being and to live a full and fulfilling life.

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Recent Posts

  • Update on Saving Bank House


    We have received donations of over £7000 so far which is fantastic news. Thank you very much to those who have supported us by donating through the crowdfunding page, by dropping in for a visit, buying raffle tickets, and many other ways too.

    Just in the last two weeks, as well as money, we have been given food and clothing, a table football, tea bags, t-shirts, cakes, bread, cards, gifts and much more besides.

    Our crowdfunding page is open for a few more weeks so there’s still plenty of time.  if you would like to donate please go to 

  • Business as Usual

    bankhouse window

    Bank House will no longer be receiving funding from Derbyshire County Council or Hardwick Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS) from the end of this month (March 2017).
    Rethink in partnership with Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health and P3 have won the contract to provide services in Derbyshire. They and the commissioners believe that services should not be ‘buildings based’.
    While we have respect for these other organisations we believe there is room in South Derbyshire for both services. We know that we provide a wider range of services for more people than will be available in the new service.
    For that reason we would like to see Bank House survive and continue to provide this very valuable community service for many more years.
    We have a great deal of good will and community support and are confident that we will find a way to survive.  In the meantime its ‘business as usual at Bank House’. Stay posted – there will be more news next week.


  • Our new garden coming soon



    On behalf of Bank House we would like to give a massive thank you to all of those helpful people for keeping the garden area a very nice place for members, staff and visitors alike.

    We are very proud to announce a plan of a new garden in the area, and we welcome any ideas that you wish to suggest.

    In the meantime we hope you guys are having a wonderful day wherever you are.

  • Happy 100th Birthday to Emily!


    We were delighted that our oldest current Member Emily, known to all as ‘Nan’ chose to celebrate her 100th birthday here with her friends at Bank House!  We celebrated in true Bank House style with cake, party tea, balloons, banners, sparkly wine …. and more cake.

    Thank you Emily ! It was a privilege to spend your special day with you.

  • Semicolon Tattoo project


    For a couple of years the semicolon has been used as a symbol to promote mental health awareness;

    The sentence is my story; its not over yet!

    In memory of Lindsay a very valued friend and colleague, Bank House has been involved in a project with Celebrity Tattooist Kevin Paul an his colleague Boo, who kindly agreed to tattoo a semicolon onto anyone interested on 11th August this year.  They asked for a contribution of £10 per tattoo and donated the entire proceeds to Bank House!  So far over £1000 has been collected and more is still coming in.

    Bank House would like to thank Leonie Mastropietro, Kevin and Boo, and everyone who came along on the day to have their tattoo!

  • Day trip to Skegness


    It’s a couple of weeks since we enjoyed our annual trip to the seaside, but as its raining today in Swalincote it seemed like a good time to talk about it!

    50 of us ranging in ages from under 2 to over 80 piled onto a bus at 8am in Swadlincote bus station! We arrived in Skegness on the hottest day of the year so immediately headed to the waters edge to feel some of that famous bracing air.

    We enjoyed bags of chips, paddles, icecream, shopping, donuts  coffee and even a glass of beer before arriving back in Swadlincote shortly after 9pm very tired but very happy.  Can’t wait til next time!

  • Friday Afternoons at Rosliston

    Laserquest at Rosliston

    We travel to Rosliston every Friday afternoon for activities in the forest usually cycling, Nordic Walking or archery. We had a treat this time and had a go at laser quest!  Thank you Alex at Rosliston for your patience with our unruly group!

  • Thank You Volunteers!


    We held a stall at the Festival of Leisure on Saturday; what a wonderful day. The sun shone all day and we sold out of our lucky bags on the “Hook-a-Bag” stall. A massive thank you to everyone who came to help either on the day or with the preparations beforehand.


  • Thanks to the gardeners!


    The hard work that has been put in by the gardening group is really starting to pay off. We have already picked strawberries, radishes and lettuce. The flowers that have been tended so carefully really brighten up our way into the building. Well done everyone and thanks for all the hard work!

  • A chocolate pudding in a mug!

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    An impromptu activity this morning led to Bank House being filled with the tempting aroma of warm chocolate! Sceptical at first, we all soon learned that it is possible to make a delicious ‘melting middle’ chocolate pudding in a mug. The measuring and mixing took no more than 5 minutes and the pudding cooked in the mirowave in 80 seconds. Yummy! We were all soon tucking into our own individual chocolate puddings. Definitely an activity that we will try again soon!